Surge Protection in Hesperia, CA

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Don’t Get Caught in a Power Surge!

Did you know that power surges can happen many times a day? While most power surges will be small and undetectable, sometimes they can severely damage your electronics and appliances. Surge protection ensures any sensitive electrical equipment will be safe during any unusual increases in power due to human error, power outages, and weather events like thunderstorms. You won’t have to fear random lightning strikes anymore!

The team at JD Ensz Electric will gladly make recommendations for surge protection in Hesperia, CA. We offer comprehensive surge protection for both residential and commercial customers in the area. This is a smart investment for anyone who wants to safeguard their electronics and appliances, potentially saving substantial amounts of money down the road. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can protect your electrical system in the event of a surge.

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What is Surge Protection?

In Hesperia, surge protectors safely re-route the excess voltage that comes through your system. Even a small amount of increased voltage can fry electronics like computers, televisions, or large appliances. This kind of protection is absolutely critical for office buildings or commercial spaces with substantial electronic equipment. However, it’s also a major value-add for residential spaces, as you likely underestimate how much electrical equipment you have on hand and use every day.

Types of Surge Protection

If you are interested in getting surge protector installation in Hesperia and the surrounding areas, you should first consider what type of surge protection makes the most sense for you. Let’s walk through some of the most common types.

Power Strips

This may be what you first think about when you hear the phrase “surge protection.” Power strips plug into outlets and do protect the devices you plug into them from surges. However, power strips cannot be used for all devices. Some require you plug them into wall outlets. Large appliances may be directly wired to your electrical system, avoiding outlets entirely.

Single-Outlet Surge Protection

You can protect individual outlets from surges, but again, this will not save appliances, lights, and other electrical equipment that is directly wired. It also becomes less cost-effective and more time-consuming to get individual surge protectors for every outlet.

Whole-House Surge Protection

When you need surge protection in Hesperia or the surrounding areas, usually we recommend whole-house surge protection. This protects your complete electrical system from power surges. This is the best way to have worry-free protection for your entire home or commercial property, and it only requires a simple visit from a licensed electrician, like the ones at JD Ensz Electric. This type of surge protection stops the surge before it reaches your electrical system, providing the best chance of saving your electronic equipment from costly damage.

If you’re interested in learning more about our surge protection offerings, give us a call now at (760) 374-8730. We will work with you to find the best solution for your home or commercial property, protecting your belongings for years to come.